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I had an interesting chat with a friend of mine this morning about business and I realized something important. I kinda, sorta knew what he does, but not really. And it dawned on me that maybe this is the case with ME, and what I do.

I mean, hopefully everyone knows I'm a Mortgage Broker, but does everyone truly understand what that means? As I meet and talk to more people, I realize there are a lot of misconceptions about my line of work. Below I have detailed a few main points…

1.    I assist my clients with everything mortgage related. From individuals purchasing their first home or third home, to investors, others renewing or refinancing, and everything in between.

2.    My services are completely free to you. I am compensated by the lenders, so having me shop around for the best terms for you is priceless, and it often saves you thousands of dollars.

3.    Brokers don’t just work for people with “bad or no credit”. I often do help people that have been declined elsewhere, and clients are always amazed what we can do for them compared to what their bank can. However, we also have families with two doctors and great credit who use our free services'. Why? Because they don't have time to play around negotiating all over town for the best deal. We do that for them.

4.    My lenders aren't 'sketchy' and 'super high interest'. In fact some of my lenders are major banks, and all of my lenders are highly bonafide, with billions of dollars in assets under administration. Personally, I believe monoline mortgage lenders are far superior to banks with their mortgage products, and once my mortgages are up for renewal, I will quickly be running from a major bank and into the arms of a lender that only specializes in mortgages. If you wish to learn the benefits, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

5.    It's not just my job to 'find you a mortgage at the best rate'. Yes, of course I'll do that, but it's also my job to put myself in your shoes financially and find you the best solution for YOUR particular needs.

One thing I've come to learn is that sometimes people feel awkward about coming to me because they don't want to share their personal financial situation with a friend or family. I get that. First off, you need to know I'm a professional and like a lawyer, you can count on me to be a vault. But at the end of the day, my opinion is you should ALWAYS use a Mortgage Broker, so if it's not going to be me for comfort reasons, I'm alright with that, and I understand. Call me anyways, and I'll happily ask one of my colleagues to help you out.